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"WE ARE MANY" Film Screening

(Executive Producer in attendance

The film chronicles the global protest against the Iraq War on February 15, 2003 — a protest that created the single largest mobilization of people in the history of humanity. Approximately 30 million people took to the streets, in almost 800 cities around the world, against the imminent invasion of Iraq. “The global protest against the Iraq War on 15 February 2003 was a pivotal moment in recent history, the consequences of which have gone unreported. Amir Amirani’s We Are Many chronicles the struggle to shift power from the old establishment to the new superpower that is global public opinion, through the prism of one historic day. I urge you to support this film in whatever way you can.” — Oliver Stone

September 30, 2016

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Faculty of Law Building, 2nd Floor

McLennan Ross Rooms 231 - 237

University of Alberta

 111 St. and 89 Ave.

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