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ABOUT US - THE Purpose

The Edmonton Peace Festival is an initiative of:




In collaboration with:



The Festival provides an opportunity for energizing peace - it is an opportunity to think critically about what peace means at home and abroad; to connect Edmonton-based individuals and groups who are committed to advancing peace; to explore efforts to advance peace, both locally and globally; to work together in fostering inclusive communities to uphold the dignity of all; and to celebrate our common humanity.


Ways in which organizations and individuals can become involved:

• Host a Peace Festival event – get Edmontonians thinking about peace by hosting a speaker, film, artist, workshop, dialogue, performance, exhibition, peace walk, interactive activity, to name a few possibilities.

• Promote The Edmonton Peace Festival through social media posts, newsletters or bulletins, posters, word-of-mouth etc.

• Attend Peace Festival events and bring information about your organization, programs, services and/or campaigns to share with participants.

The intent and purpose of the Edmonton Peace Festival is to bring together Edmontonians of all backgrounds to reflect on and celebrate peace. The Peace Festival aims to foster a city-wide promotion of peace, unity, and human rights. It runs from September 21st, the International  Day of Peace, until October 2nd, the International Day of Non-Violence.


The Edmonton Peace Festival truly is a festival "by the people, for the people".  It is our hope that the Peace Festival will contribute to the creation of a culture of peace in our city.  We encourage all Edmontonians to join in the Peace Festival by developing ideas and actions for making our city a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.  We also invite Edmontonians to participate in the Peace Festival by attending the events listed in the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS section of this website.  If your organization decides to plan a Peace Festival event and you would like us to promote it on this website please go to the EVENT PROPOSAL section.  For some ideas on ways that you or your organization might choose to participate go to the PARTICIPATION SUGGESTIONS section.

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